Small, easy solutions individuals can practice every day to drive systemic change from the ground up. Focusing on employees and students, we will make it easy for people to plant trees and reduce environmental footprint with the click of a button – through our Carbon App.
To spark change, people, like businesses, need more than information.

We need insights.

Although beginning is the hard part,
sustained motivation is impossible without inspiration.
Through our suite of digital Integrations (newsletter, blog, social + virtual media) and upcoming Carbon App, we aspire to provide you with Insight and Inspiration, focusing on tips, recommendations, and hacks for sustainable living across: Lifestyle, Travel, Business, Education and Policy.


In addition to fresh content, we strive to make sustainability as easy and convenient as possible: As close as possible to ‘one-click’ access to tangible solutions available today for the challenges of a changing climate.

Solution #1: Use smart power strips to eliminate electricity leakage

Potential CO2 impact: 0.7 tons / year (1,400 pounds)


If you are reading this, chances are you have up to 40 electronic products constantly plugged into the grid through your house… (click to read on! –>)


ClimateForce is partnering with to create the world’s first automatic carbon tracking app.  


Designed with simplicity in mind, the app will integrate with your smartphone’s banking app, GPS, and local smart sensors to give you real-time feedback on your footprint, suggestions, points and real-world rewards for improving your score – in a simple and beautiful design that playfully connects you to your peers taking on the climate change, around the world and around the corner.


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